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Friday, April 2, 2010


So, I've been working hard to clean up my home. Today, I used my 100th white kitchen trash bag. Yup, 1oo bags since I started the massive de-clutter. How long have I been at this? 3 weeks? 100 bags feels like a lot. I've taken loads to donation centers. I've given tons to other people. And, I've filled and filled and filled my trash company issued bin weekly in addition to using empty space in friends' and neighbors' bins.

100 bags of crap that usta be in my house that is no longer in my house. And I can hardly see a difference. WTF?

I'm proud and overwhelmed at the same time.



Khourt said...

My mother is worlds worst about bringing me every single thing she finds... She buys tons of random stuff mostly its stuff that SHE likes and then brings it to me. I HATE clutter.. I live in a tiny space as is and even the smallest stuff makes my house look bad so Im constantly throwing stuff away or giving it away. My kitchen lately has been bothering me. I try and try to rearrange so it doesnt look so bad but finally last night I made it look more decent. I just had way too much stuff in the one area.

daye said...

My Mom is like Khourts Mom!

Anyway, WOO HOO! 100th bag!!!! DING DING DING! Balloons commence falling. . .now.

I'm sure you can see a difference Heidi! Well, may be YOU can't b/c you live there and have high goals but I bet anyone else can see. Thing is I never thought your place looked anything but cute, but I bet it looks fabulous now!