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Friday, September 10, 2010

Owie Bug! Owie Thumb!

Luken got stung by a yellow jacket this week.

We leave our back door open during the day so the animals can come and go at will. Well, part of that deal is that numerous flying pests also come and go at well. Luken has been very good about leaving them alone. Until yesterday. He evidently got too close and a yellow jacket stung his little thumb.

It swelled very quickly and badly. He began getting a red streak up his arm. In addition to his thumb swelling, his entire hand swelled. Needless to say, he got a dose of benedryl.

When the swelling didn't go down, I made a poultice of a fresh young garden onion and baking soda. I spread the goop all over his poor thumb. At this point, the skin on his thumb was drum-tight and he couldn't move it at all. He was fussing and crying - clearly in pain. He wouldn't leave the goop alone so I bandaged it up so he couldn't get at it.

After a couple hours of watching him, we put him to bed. In the morning, I took the bandage off. The swelling had gone down lots - almost completely gone! No more redness. He mentioned having an owie thumb a couple times today but it did not seem to slow him down.

I'm glad I know how to treat yellow jacket stings. Onion and baking soda. It really does work.


Luken Can Fly!

Yup, it's true! Luken can fly. He loves it!

We go to baby gym about once a week. There, we meet up with cousin Mac and play, play, play!

Here, the boys are beating each other with balloons.

Sounds fun, eh? It is fun. Really, it is! There are so many things to do there. There is a foam pit to jump into. There are things to climb and explore. There are things to swing from. There are trampolines. And, there is flying.

Luken decided this week that he'd like to fly.

Luken loved it! And I was so proud.


Thursday, September 9, 2010


We went to the Ravalli County Fair last Saturday. Had a great time!

We saw all sorts of animals. Luken got to get up close and personal with some young goats He thought that was pretty fun. We drink goat milk and he kept wondering where the milk was.

This year, Luken expressed interest in the rides.

Kara and I decided to try out the Ferris Wheel with him.

I was worried that he'd get scared. Oh, no! He loved it. When it stopped to unload, he got upset.

One other ride in particular interested Luken.

Yup, the little roller coaster. The cars to this ride were wide enough for two children and had enough knee room for two children. I rode the ride with him because he's too little to go alone. He had a blast but my knees are still black and blue.

Doncha love how all the riders are little kids and then, there's ME! It was worth it though. Luken shrieked and laughed the entire time. When the ride came to a stop, I helped him out of the car and he promptly climbed into another before I could disembark. Too bad we could only ride once.

Fair season is over for the year. We had lots of fun.


Thursday, September 2, 2010

Health Insurance

Health insurance is a huge issue for me. I pay nearly 700 dollars each month for my health insurance. It's good insurance but it costs almost as much as the mortgage for my house. Crazy!

Well, this week I bought other insurance. A new company accepted me and my policy takes effect on September 15th. I'll pay under 300 dollars a month for it! How cool is that?


Dear Readers

Dear Readers,

Thank you SO much for writing comments! I know I'm silly but your comments make my day. I dunno why my goings-on interest anybody but myself but I think it's kinda cool.

Thanks for reading. Thanks for commenting.