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Friday, September 10, 2010

Luken Can Fly!

Yup, it's true! Luken can fly. He loves it!

We go to baby gym about once a week. There, we meet up with cousin Mac and play, play, play!

Here, the boys are beating each other with balloons.

Sounds fun, eh? It is fun. Really, it is! There are so many things to do there. There is a foam pit to jump into. There are things to climb and explore. There are things to swing from. There are trampolines. And, there is flying.

Luken decided this week that he'd like to fly.

Luken loved it! And I was so proud.



montanasnowbaby said...

So cute!!! What a big boy. And hi Larken! I saw you peek at the camera. :)

Khourt said...

That looks like loads of fun. Im glad Luken had a blast

daye said...

WOW! That place is so cool!!!!

Luken is growing up so fast, what a big, fearless boy he is becoming. Love that kiddo!