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Sunday, June 30, 2013

19 Dead

Today it was confirmed that 19 firefighters were killed while working a wildfire in Arizona.  As a firefighter, I cannot fathom this.  I am heart broken and shaken.  The preliminary report says that they were forced to deploy their shelters.  This is something we practice at least every year.  All wildland firefighters know how to do this.  And we all hope we never have to.

In the aftermath of this tragedy, my heart looks for answers and there are none that satisfy.

God, you are bigger than the fire.  Wrap your strong arms around the firefighters who died.  Comfort those who remain.  Teach us all.  And give us peace.


Friday, June 28, 2013

Heating Up

The weather is heating up.  And my head does NOT like it.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

'Round and 'round they go!

The other day, we visited
A Carousel for Missoula. 

This is one of Luken's favorite
things to do. 

At A Carousel for Missoula, 
individuals with 
"special needs"
get to ride for free!

We regularly
take advantage
of this.

 There is a dragon at the gate. 
In it's mouth are colorful rings. 
If you grab the brass ring,
you win a free ride!
That's what Luken is leaning over for. 

On this day, Luken took four
rides.  I rode with him
for one ride so I could
help him grab the colored rings. 
We caught the lucky
brass ring!  
It made Luken's day!


Thursday, June 13, 2013

Versatile Blogger Award

Thank you to Shiny in Love for nominating my blog for the Versatile Blogger Award!  Fun!

7 things about me . . .

1.  I eat popcorn in bed.

2.  I really like rings.  Rings with shiny stones in them.  But I don't like my hands so I don't often wear rings.  I should wear rings more often.

3.  I'm afraid of the wind.  I can hear it before it gets here.  The mountains right out my front door roar when the wind is coming.

4.  I think cars are fun.  I like to drive them.  I like to shop for them.  I like to learn about them.  I get this from my dad.  I'm also driving one of his old cars.  It's a tired old race car.  Or, maybe I should say that it's a retired race car.  It's the most fun car I've ever owned.  It was free (as in, I didn't have to pay money to acquire it) but it's turned out to be anything but.  I'm counting on another 100K miles from it.

5.  I'm of the opinion that we (people today) ought to operate from a bast 12 number system.  Base 10 is okay.  But base 12 would be so much more useful.  Twelve is divisible by so many cool numbers.

6.  I still want to be a teacher when I grow up.  Or a nurse Midwife.  Or a famous fiddle player.  Or a veterinarian.

7.  I am addicted to sugar.  No joke.

Here, in no particular order, are the blogs I am nominating for the Versatile Blogger Award.

And, here is a link to the rules


Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I'm getting kicked off the fire department and I hate it. I've been unable to maintain required call volume or training hours. Tonight was an example (or 2) of why. I notice traffic heading toward the fire hall. My pager hasn't gone off. It seldom does. It doesn't work. Anyway, I put Luken in the car and go to the fire hall to see what we have going on. Hay fire. Hard stinky work. I say I can only respond POV with Luken. I stay and do some station work, keeping him within arms reach the whole time. An emergency comes up at home so I have to leave the fire hall and go home and shut off the water and power to the pump. I also change Luken's clothes and grab his dinner. Then head back over to the fire hall. I run drinking water up to the fire and walk around with Luken on my shoulders taking a few pictures. The fire is down to a smolder by this time, danger past. People are cleaning up - rehabbing. I help when I can, with Luken on my shoulders or hanging on to my leg. I return to the fire hall behind the last truck. It's time for Company meeting. I decide to stay, even though it's already past Luken's bedtime. I give him his dinner. Throughout the meeting, he spins his circles and screeches. People keep telling him to be quiet. Some people make fun of his stuttering. He's causing a disruption so after about an hour of trying to manage him, I give up. An officer comes and offers to help me carry kicking thrashing Luken and his B-O-S to the car. Done. No wonder I can't make calls! No wonder I can't make training! I don't want to get kicked off. I'm pissed about it. And I just needed to vent.


Friday, June 7, 2013

3 Blankets

As I tucked Luken into bed tonight, he said, "You'd better cover me with three blankets.  I'm expecting a strong breeze tonight."


Monday, June 3, 2013

Oh, Shit!

My family went on a little family adventure yesterday.  It involved a coupla hour car ride.  As we're happily rolling down the road, Luken says, "I wish we had taken Heidi's car."

"Oh?  How come?" I say.

"Because in Heidi's car I get to say 'oh, shit!'."

It's true.  I let my child say dirty words.  He gets to say whatever he wants to say.  But only in my car.  And only when I say he can.  His favorite is "Oh, shit!".

I hope, that by providing Luken a place where all words are okay to say, he'll not say them in inappropriate places.  Time will tell if my theory pans out.  In the mean time, it provides comic relief.


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