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Tuesday, August 31, 2010


Operation Iraqi Freedom is over! Please, let peace grow.


Saturday, August 28, 2010

Shift Change at the Downing Mountain Fire


My old computer gave up. I've been busy. Haven't managed to blog in nearly a month. Lots of my pictures are still stuck on my old computer. But, here are a few that I have on this computer.

Hiking near the Bass Creek lookout:

Camping up Copper Creek with my mom, sis, and cousins:

Alder Creek Fire. Visible from my back yard.

I went to Helena for a class. It was a good class.

Downing Mountain fire. Spent a bit of time there.


A Day In The Life

wake to pager. ignore pager. wake to wife. kiss wife. ignore wife. wake to baby. haul ass outta bed. get baby up. change diaper. stick finger. make coffee. make breakfast. feed baby breakfast. start to clean kitchen. get baby down from breakfast. chase baby. remember to take meds. put dog outside. clean up spilled (dumped) dog water. look at living room in dismay. snip nails off baseboard. re-install 1 piece of baseboard. let dog in. read book to baby. let dog out. brush teeth. get baby dressed. brush baby's teeth. let dog in. clean up dog water. get dressed. look for keys. find keys. let dog out. find baby's shoes. get baby drink of water. load baby into car. drive to pharmacy. unload baby. talk to god at pharmacy. load baby into car. look for keys. drive to fire hall. unload baby. hand baby off to favorite firefighter. research and print car seat materials. chase baby. tidy fire hall. see guys off. chase baby. load baby into car. find keys. drive south to see fire. sing with baby in car. duck to miss flying baby shoes. find good fire watching spot. park. get baby out of car. take pictures of fire and air show. chase baby. load up. find keys. drive to DQ. order crap food. watch fire and air show whilst eating. clean sticky baby. find keys. drive sticky tired baby home. unload baby. chase escapee baby. trip on dog whilst entering house. clean and cuddle baby. chase dog out of nursery. put baby down for nap. clean up dog water. sit on bed and check emails. text wife. talk to wife. make an ass out of self whilst talking to wife. text wife. try to nap. get up to comfort crying baby. soothe baby back to sleep. kick cats out of nursery. resume "nap". greet wife as she comes in the door. check in with wife. decide to drive back down to fire. get way-laid on way to the highway. help jump start charlie's pick-up. drive to fire hall. help with red cards. drive home. change into fire clothes. get cameras. drive to fire hall. help guys get ready for shift at fire. talk on phone. find new fire shelter. find wildland pack. get water for guys. remember that i'm hungry. grab a handful of stale chips. eat a coupla. throw the rest away. grab a cold bottle of water. load guys' stuff into tom's truck. pile in. ride south to fire. joke about women, deer, fire, trucks, any other random thing we can think of. arrive at fire hall in hamilton. shuffle inside. find a spot in meeting room. listen to briefing. field random phone calls having to do with current fire situation. sit around. go get dinner at local grocery store. head up to staging area with guys in truck. eat gross potatoes on the way. forget about potatoes. watch dozer truck get stuck. watch dozer truck get unstuck. find staging area. watch huge planes fight fire. take pictures. watch huge helicopters fight fire. take more pictures. spot new smoke across the valley. look at new fire with field glasses. listen to second briefing. take more pictures. hang out. realize that i'm way too hungry. poke around staging area looking for food. give up. take more pictures. tease guys. eaves drop on radio como. use outback. take more pictures. see guys off on their shift. load truck. pile in. find old doughnut. eat half of it. toss the rest in trash. gross. ride down mountain to airport. talk to wife on phone. ride back to home base with guys. unload truck. check in with fire chief. find keys. give ron a ride home. drive home. take off boots. kiss baby. crawl into bed next to wife. check email. download pictures. talk about day. watch news. talk about my day. make plans for tomorrow. finally fall asleep.


Sunday, August 1, 2010


We went on a great hike on Saturday. We hiked up Bass Creek to the log jam. It was a really pretty hike. There were lots of berries to eat.

While reaching for a nice ripe thimble berry, I saw these tiny babies.

I got tired along the trail so I sat down for a little rest. I plopped down. After a minute, I felt something under my butt cheek. I got up to find this friendly guy. Don't worry, I didn't hurt him.

The little pond at the long jam was so pretty! I could have stayed there all day.

(photo credit to Kara for this one)

Speaking of wildlife, we heard the Young Dubliners!

It was pouring down rain and the crowd was pretty lively. We had a great time!