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Saturday, August 28, 2010


My old computer gave up. I've been busy. Haven't managed to blog in nearly a month. Lots of my pictures are still stuck on my old computer. But, here are a few that I have on this computer.

Hiking near the Bass Creek lookout:

Camping up Copper Creek with my mom, sis, and cousins:

Alder Creek Fire. Visible from my back yard.

I went to Helena for a class. It was a good class.

Downing Mountain fire. Spent a bit of time there.


1 comment:

daye said...

Thanks for posting Heidi!

Love ALL the pictures. I sure do miss driving to your place from Missoula. The view was so outstanding. Your "back yard" is AMAZING! I am happy I got to see it even if only for awhile.
So cool you were in the midst of some of the fires. I hope none got too bad out of control this year. Really love the pic of Kara adn Rhys. Man, that dog is a TROOPER! I can't believe she is still hiking.
You look extra cute in your red firefighting sweatshirt too!
Love you and miss you!