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Sunday, August 1, 2010


We went on a great hike on Saturday. We hiked up Bass Creek to the log jam. It was a really pretty hike. There were lots of berries to eat.

While reaching for a nice ripe thimble berry, I saw these tiny babies.

I got tired along the trail so I sat down for a little rest. I plopped down. After a minute, I felt something under my butt cheek. I got up to find this friendly guy. Don't worry, I didn't hurt him.

The little pond at the long jam was so pretty! I could have stayed there all day.

(photo credit to Kara for this one)

Speaking of wildlife, we heard the Young Dubliners!

It was pouring down rain and the crowd was pretty lively. We had a great time!



daye said...

Such a great day!

Khourt said...

Pretty pond indeed.

Why is it that your life looks like so much fun and I just have boring stuff to update about.