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Tuesday, June 11, 2013


I'm getting kicked off the fire department and I hate it. I've been unable to maintain required call volume or training hours. Tonight was an example (or 2) of why. I notice traffic heading toward the fire hall. My pager hasn't gone off. It seldom does. It doesn't work. Anyway, I put Luken in the car and go to the fire hall to see what we have going on. Hay fire. Hard stinky work. I say I can only respond POV with Luken. I stay and do some station work, keeping him within arms reach the whole time. An emergency comes up at home so I have to leave the fire hall and go home and shut off the water and power to the pump. I also change Luken's clothes and grab his dinner. Then head back over to the fire hall. I run drinking water up to the fire and walk around with Luken on my shoulders taking a few pictures. The fire is down to a smolder by this time, danger past. People are cleaning up - rehabbing. I help when I can, with Luken on my shoulders or hanging on to my leg. I return to the fire hall behind the last truck. It's time for Company meeting. I decide to stay, even though it's already past Luken's bedtime. I give him his dinner. Throughout the meeting, he spins his circles and screeches. People keep telling him to be quiet. Some people make fun of his stuttering. He's causing a disruption so after about an hour of trying to manage him, I give up. An officer comes and offers to help me carry kicking thrashing Luken and his B-O-S to the car. Done. No wonder I can't make calls! No wonder I can't make training! I don't want to get kicked off. I'm pissed about it. And I just needed to vent.


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Anonymous said...

Kiss kiss. Sometime life is unfair. No, try again, life is never fair. It suck and I'm sorry. You are a valuable addition to the fire department. On a different note...blogger nomination!