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Friday, September 10, 2010

Owie Bug! Owie Thumb!

Luken got stung by a yellow jacket this week.

We leave our back door open during the day so the animals can come and go at will. Well, part of that deal is that numerous flying pests also come and go at well. Luken has been very good about leaving them alone. Until yesterday. He evidently got too close and a yellow jacket stung his little thumb.

It swelled very quickly and badly. He began getting a red streak up his arm. In addition to his thumb swelling, his entire hand swelled. Needless to say, he got a dose of benedryl.

When the swelling didn't go down, I made a poultice of a fresh young garden onion and baking soda. I spread the goop all over his poor thumb. At this point, the skin on his thumb was drum-tight and he couldn't move it at all. He was fussing and crying - clearly in pain. He wouldn't leave the goop alone so I bandaged it up so he couldn't get at it.

After a couple hours of watching him, we put him to bed. In the morning, I took the bandage off. The swelling had gone down lots - almost completely gone! No more redness. He mentioned having an owie thumb a couple times today but it did not seem to slow him down.

I'm glad I know how to treat yellow jacket stings. Onion and baking soda. It really does work.



Khourt said...

way to go Mama on knowing what to do...I wouldnt have. I hope its feeling better today.

Kristie said...

I discovered not too long ago that meat tenderizer works well too. Glad Luken's feeling better.

mama-san said...

Oh Poor Luken!
But don't forget the benedryl! I think that helped more than anything.

Also, many bee stings go down overnight.

(Please don't be annoyed: I can't help it! You know who I'm married to, it's automatic lol!)

But I'm sure the onion and baking soda helped too! :0)

Great that you had that gauze on hand!

K and S Whitehead family said...

Poor Luken! That sounds about like my first bee sting but it was my ankle and leg instead. Good job momma in knowing what to do. I knew the baking soda trick but didn't know of onion. I'll have to remember that one. Hope that doesn't mean he will have allergy issues the rest of his life. Those can be so scary.