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Friday, October 1, 2010

Happy October!

It's a busy time around here. The garden needs to be harvested and put to bed. That's a tasty endeavor. There are beets, carrots, never ending green beans, corn, potatoes in red, blue and boring, chard, ground cherries, tomatoes, dill, cukes, lots of squash . . . Luken loves going into the garden. He samples the best and freshest of food and it's all good.

I've started being more diligent about working out. I've missed one day in the last week. Just one. I'm proud. Kara gave me Taekwando lessons for my birthday. I started them this week. LOVE it! I'm pretty sore from it but wow, it sure was fun!

So, between working out, the garden, raising our Little Bear, carseat checks, and life in general, things have been pretty busy. In a good way. Busy and good.


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