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Tuesday, January 17, 2012


Luken started preschool last week. He's attending the Bitterroot Valley Education Cooperative Special Education Preschool in Stevensville. It's 4 mornings a week from 8:30 to 10:55.

He did not want to go the first day. Every day since though, he is excited about going and fusses when it's time to go home. He very proudly brings home the work he's done each day.

I am seeing big changes in him. In less than 2 weeks, I see changes. I am so glad that he gets this chance at 6 weeks of real school with a qualified special education teacher. All of the sudden, he seems to be understanding more and more of what is said. His responses are more and more appropriate (aside from the usual defiance and sass). He seems happier and that warms my heart.

School wears him out! He gets up at 7:15 and usually needs a bath. Then he "eats" breakfast (mostly doesn't eat at all) and helps me get him dressed and cleaned and ready to roll. By the time I'm dropping him off, he's asking for a snack. He greets the other students with a big grin each morning and wastes no time with idle chatter. He gets busy right away doing whatever it is that grabs his attention. I kiss is cheek and leave.

When I come to pick him up, he's standing at the door, coat on and backpack in hand, ready to go. Each day he asks to ride the bus home and is sad when he can't (the bus goes south and he lives north). As soon as the bus conversation is over, he's asking for food. I usually feed him some lunch or healthy snack in the car on the way home. Sometimes he chatters about the kids and the things they did. Sometimes he dozes off.

When we get home, he's done. He can't do anything but have a tantrum or rest/sleep for the next 2 hours. He's too tired to even eat. I try to make the transition as smooth and calm as possible for him. After a rest, he's generally pretty relaxed and happy. It's so neat to see him this way.

He's doing so well that I doubt they will let him stay in this school after his 6 eval weeks are up. That's good. And kind of sad. I see him blossoming and I want him to keep blossoming.

I guess we'll see what's next when we get there. I sure am glad Luken is my son. I would't want it any other way. I just love him so much!


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