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Friday, July 26, 2013

What are you doing now?

On your 5th birthday, I want to take a look and take note of what you're doing now, my son.

You can ride a bike with no training wheels!

You know the names of many of the trees in our woods!

You can mostly give yourself a bath.

You love to climb.

You'd rather eat with your hands but you do know how to use utensils.

You can write your name.

You enjoy adding.

You love to race things and build crazy wild jumps and tracks.

You help take care of baby birds.

You're learning the Lord's Prayer.

You have a gigantic vocabulary.

You love having stories read to you.

You're a great eater, not picky at all.

You're full of energy and are hardly ever still.

You spend time in the back yard building roads with your diggers.

You still suck your thumb and want to sleep with Brownie and your woobie each night.

You can get yourself dressed and are learning to tie your shoes.

You like fishing.

You're excited to start Kindergarten in the fall.

You're strong and can hike all the way up to the log jam up Bass Creek and back down without being carried.

You really want to have a loose tooth.

You like to snuggle.

You give great kisses.

When you hear sirens, you tell me I should go to the fire hall.

You're a little bit afraid of thunder.

You think hail is pretty cool.

You have your very own little garden this year with sunflowers, garlic and catnip in it.

You want to drink everybody else's ice water.

You're the sweetest funniest most creative kid I know!


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