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Monday, May 17, 2010

Blessed Dark

Luken hasn't been sleeping well. I can tell that he's tired. So I put him to bed earlier. He stays awake in his crib for hours - until it's dark outside. I hope each day that he'll sleep in. He doesn't. Up he pops with the sun each day. He's so fussy so I put him down for a nap. He doesn't sleep. Each day is harder and harder. My baby is falling apart.

So, today I went into town and bought some light blocking curtains for his room. I put them up behind his regular cute curtains. He "helped" me do it. As soon as I had the last curtain up and drawn, his little thumb slipped into his little mouth and he slumped to the floor and put his blond head down. His eyes closed and he sighed as if relieved. I scooped him up and laid him in his bed. He is sound asleep.

I sure wish I'd have thought of this sooner. Sleep well, little boy.


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mama-san said...

Oh My Gosh, I would've told you if I had known you didn't know! I have been blocking out all light from Willow's nursery since she has been in a crib by herself.

I just use dark sheets, or thin blankets! It looks SO trashy but WHATEVER. Blessed sleep is more important, right?

I do this any place we visit too. The ideal situation is to put her a closet (in the pac n play or something) if the closet is big enough.

We went to an onsen in Nikko, Japan and she fit perfectly on the shelf of the bedding closet in our hotel room.

Co-sleeping in our family is "no sleeping" so she has to be by herself. And she likes it dark yo!

Still doesn't sleep past 7:30 am. Yesterday she was up at 6am. Not cool. But she sleeps better when I make her sleeping area cave like.

My relatives and many of my friends laugh at me. That my baby is "in the closet."



Congratulations Heidi, Welcome to the get more sleep/ cave nursery club!

Actually, it sounds like your nursery still looks cute.