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Monday, July 26, 2010

Saturday Adventures

I had a car seat check Saturday morning. When I got home, we went on a hike. We went up to Larry Creek and hiked the Fire Ecology Trail. It's one of our favorite local hikes.

Luken is old enough now that he can "hike" part of the way himself. His max is about 1 mile.

After that, he needs a ride.

After our hike, lunch, and a nice long nap, we went to the Hard Times Bluegrass Festival. It was about halfway between Hamilton and Darby.

We sat on our blanket on the ground in the shade and listened to really great music.

The company wasn't half bad either.

It was a great spot for a festival. We had a great time!

We came home at the end of the day happy, filthy and tired.


1 comment:

Daye said...

Wow what a big boy, Luken actually hikes with you huh? That's great!
Great day.