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Sunday, October 23, 2011

Hard Won!

You'll remember a couple months ago, (right after his birthday) I set up a reward sticker chart for Luken. I thought it'd probably take him a month to complete. He was excited about it. He chose the reward he would earn once he completed the sticker chart. The chosen reward: a Diego Camera!

It was slow going.

Weeks went by. Some days Luken earned up to 4 stickers. Sometimes we'd go days with no stickers. We talked about it every day. I was beginning to doubt.

But then, last week, I noticed that there were only a few empty spots! By the end of the day, he had done it! Luken had completed the sticker chart!

The next day, we went to Target to purchase the promised camera. He was intent and excited.

We walked through the dollar shelves, past the purses, past the girls clothes, past the baby toys, past the toy cars and dolls to the kid electronics section. There were blue and pink Fisher Price cameras. There were orange and purple LeapFrog cameras but no Diego camera. Luken had his heart set on a Diego camera. He decided that he'd rather wait and get his Diego camera in the mail than get one of the substitute cameras. So we went home camera-less.

I immediately found an ordered a Diego camera online. Luken came with me each day to check the mail. Then, Friday, there was a knock on the door. It was FedEx with a box for Luken! He immediately and quite excitedly opened it. When he saw the Diego camera, he shrieked with delight.

Now that he finally has it, he wears it around his neck most of his awake time.

He doesn't really understand the picture taking idea but he has his camera!

I'm proud of him. He had a goal and he stuck with it. What a kid!



Larkin Kavanaugh said...

great post! way to go moms and luken!

montanasnowbaby said...

I love this. Great kid, great mom for having a reward system...and for FOLLOWING THROUGH! Love it. Great pictures, too! :)