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Friday, November 30, 2012


Bebette is our long haired black cat.  She's got the most beautiful yellow eyes and a purr that drives me up a wall when I'm trying to sleep.  She's a great snuggler.  And, I think she's sick.  Coupla months ago, she started puking.  She puked and puked and puked.  I took her to the emergency vet in town and asked for a shot of stop puking medicine.  it sort of worked.  I took her in to our regular vet the next day and they did an exam and found that she had about a week's worth of poop built up in her colon.  She'd developed a conditioned called "mega colon" in which the colon simply stretches out and becomes a floppy flacid poop sack.  They had to give her several enemas and lots of oral medications to resolve it. She had to be quite sedated for the enemas.  She came home weak and seek.  I felt terrible.  They sent meds home with me to try to manage the condition that way.  I've tried.

Tonight she's started puking again.  I'm scared for her.  If I take her on in Monday and they say she needs an enema, I'll say no.  She hates it and I can't afford it.  Over the weekend, I'll do my best to manage her condition medically and force extra fluids.  If that evades the crisis, great!  If not, I'll be sad.  I don't like saying goodbye to pets I've loved for so long.



Anonymous said...

boo. this is sake's last weekend too. it suck.

wildwomanjd said...

Poor Babette. I don't think she is healthy or happy. And she is cold. Poor baby. She is such a sweetheart. But I agree. You know what I think. Love you. Seems like these things never come at a good time.