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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Is it gaming or is it therapy?

The other day at one of Luken's therapies, the therapist was explaining to me the importance of cross body activities for Luken. Among these are crawling and riding a bike or trike.

Yesterday, during my second hand store rounds looking for pants, mittens and a pair of shoes for Luken, I happened across this toy bike/video game thing. It's called a SmartCycle. It connects to a television and has a little game thing plugged into it. It's intended to increase the activity of the child whilst offering educational games. After consideration of the therapeutic benefits vs. increased screen time, I bought the thing, took it home, and hooked it up.

Luken caught on quickly. He loves the thing! He will spend about 5 minutes at a time pedaling away on it. So ya, it has some therapeutic value. Plus, he's learning his ABC's.

Still, I feel kinda bad promoting more screen time for my toddler. And gaming. Sheesh . . .

It is what it is, I guess. A mixed bag. Kinda like the rest of life.


1 comment:

daye said...

sounds awesome actually, If I could I'd get one for Willow. A real score to find it used too!