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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

I Love to Watch You Grow

Today is Luken's first day of Kindergarten.  I'm thinking of how I want to set the tone for his school year.  I can sum it up like this.

I love to watch you grow.

And it's true.  All the new things Luken does, I love that.  When I see him struggle to acquire a new skill or think his way to a new idea - I love that.

Here is a brief pictorial of this morning's big event.

"Luken, please stand still so we can get a good picture of you."
His reply, "mouse farts!"

He is never still. 

A bit of apprehensive perhaps?  Good thing we had the ride to school to calm our nerves. 

Off he goes!

Bike wrestling.  Er, parking. 

It's such a big world.  And he's such a small boy. 

"Are you coming with me, Mommy?"

Oh, this could be fun.  He's found his spot at the table. 

I think he's gonna get along just fine here.  

My big boy . . . 

I love to watch you grow.


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