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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Ginger Balsam

Last night we brought home a goat. 
She's a Nigerian Dwarf Dairy goat. 

She was born 5 days prematurely
And was one of 4 babies in the pregnancy.

Her breed is small.
But she is tiny. 
She weighs in at 2 pounds
And fits in the palm of my hand. 

She's 6 days old. 
The night she was born,
it was 20 degrees F below zero.

Because she was premature,
the dame hadn't been brought
into the barn.

When she was born,
her tiny body 
froze to the ground.

When she was found,
she was frozen stiff
and thought to be dead.

Her right eye
was frozen
to a metal pipe.

Because of her
she is having difficulty 

We're doing 
all we can
to keep her comfortable.

Little Bear 
gave her the name
Ginger Balsam.

Our other animals
have been curious
and gentle 
with Ginger.

Belle wasn't sure at first. 

But she soon warmed up. 
Now she won't leave Ginger Balsam's side. 

Even Fizz is gentle
and protective. 

I don't know if Ginger Balsam will

If she does, we'll keep her. 

If she doesn't, we'll know we tried. 

She's too premature to
maintain her own
body temperature. 

So she's wearing a diaper
and rides around 
tucked into my shirt
(or Kara's).  

Ginger Balsam
is such a
sweet baby goat. 


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