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Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Ask the Fiddler

Time for updates and answers and such.

Lara, I don't have the results back yet from the spit test. I had an appointment today but had to reschedule it due to the results not being in.

Regarding the pictures on facebook: Yes, people have helped themselves to pictures I posted on facebook. I've seen them show up in other people's projects and in other people's homes. This in spite of me having asked them not to take them.

Yup, I'm lucky to know Khourt. Glenn Beck helped himself to a photo she posted somewhere of her family cloth (cloth wipes). How low the crazy can go, huh?

And good for you, Daye, for learning how to help a person who is choking. I hope that anybody who hasn't learned yet will follow your example.

Ok, 'nuff for now.


1 comment:

daye said...

Thanks for all the answers! I really appreciate it. And I can't believe I never bothered to learn about the Heimlich maneuver until now. . .better late than never. I hope I do it right if the time comes. I'm bad when I panic.