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Sunday, March 21, 2010


I've been having an issue lately with people taking pictures that I post on Facebook. It pisses me off. I put them there to let people see them, not so that people can help themselves. Then, when I take away access, all hell breaks loose. Gees! What's a girl to do?

Am I being over sensitive or a control freak? Do you take other people's work when it suits you? It doesn't seem right to me. I am frustrated.



Khourt said...

I guess it would just depend on what it was a picture of... Glenn Beck stole a picture of mine and used it on his website.. I was pissed cos he didnt give credit back to me.

If its just a picture of a person and that person uses it on their profile then I wouldnt mind too much.

daye said...

I'm confused. Have people stolen pictures from you on face book or are you just afraid that people may one day take a picture from you.

Both are legitimate concerns, I'm just curious.

Glenn Beck stole a photo from someone you know!!!!
I would freak out. That guy is crazy. The idea of him even looking at a picture of mine creeps me out.