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Tuesday, March 23, 2010


Luken choked today. I don't mean that he gagged on his food. He choked. He was eating his snack or raisins and animal cookies and he had a couple cookies crammed in his mouth. They musta got in sideways and gone too far down. He was gagging and had no air moving in or out. No squeaking noises or anything. I quick grabbed him out of his chair and pounded him once HARD on the back. Out came the cookies plus some. He looked at me and started crying. I'm not sure if he was scared, hurting, or confused. Maybe all three. I'm sure he had no idea why I'd just hit him so hard. It scared me so bad that I had to sit down on the floor until my shaking got under control. He's fine and thought that it was funny that I was sitting on the floor shaking so hard. I'm shaking again writing this. It was terrifying.

If you don't know how to help a person who is choking, go learn how today. You never know when you will need that knowledge.


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daye said...

Scariest post ever.
I am taking that advice Fo Sho.