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Monday, March 15, 2010


I live in a sty. I'm ashamed of that fact. But it's true. It's disgusting. I MUST change. I cannot continue to live this way. I need to have more respect for myself than this.

So I'm starting, little by little, to clean my home. I don't mean just swipe the visible dirt into a pile and move junk around. Nope, I mean clean. I'm going through every single space and every single item, one by one. If the item is something that I need or like or will likely use in the fairly near future or use often, I put it away. If I have more than I need, I keep the best one and donate the others. If it's something that I haven't used in years or that I forgot I had or no longer love or need, it goes away. It's slow going but in a week, I've more than filled our trash company issued household can.

I've cleaned off the top of my dresser and one of my small dresser drawers.

I've cleaned off three of the counter surfaces in the kitchen and have been putting the dishes away daily and cleaning the sink daily.

I've cleaned off the bathroom counter and sink and have been wiping it down daily.

I've cleaned 1/3 of the medicine cabinet in the bathroom and 1/2 of the under-sink space.

I've also emptied all the trash and changed the beds today.

It seems small but I can see that it's making a difference. I started last week and I like the way that the few small clean spaces look. They are easy to keep clean once they are clean and have no clutter or crap on them. It's a good feeling.



Khourt said...

Good feeling indeed and I agree about being easier to clean when it is clean.. It makes you want to keep it clean too!

Larkin Kavanaugh said...

i am inspired by you! i cleaned my laundry room today. it was really bad and now it is so nice. lots went to the trash. a little bit was donated and everything was washed and scrubbed and is shiny and clean now! woot woot!. i also did my desk downstairs and mac's room this week. i think it would be great to hire an professional organizer though.

mama-san said...

Heidi, you hardly live in a sty! You live in a bitterroot valley cottage with pets, a baby and two busy women.

But this surge in cleaning and organizing is admirable! You are really getting in charge of your life.

You Go Girl!