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Tuesday, June 29, 2010



I took Luken

for a much needed


His first one.

He sat on my lap because he was a little unsure.

He was very serious and very quiet.

He was very good and hardly wiggled a bit.

My baby boy is growing up!

Isn't he handsome?



Khourt said...

Awww That is so sweet. I remember Kaias first haircut. He doesnt. He slept through it all lol

He looks quite a bit different (and grown up) with the big boy haircut.
BTW Have I ever mentioned how much I love the pic of you and him at the top of the blog?

montanasnowbaby said...

Wow!! He was SO GOOD!! And yes, I love the new cut. He looks so grown up, and yes, very handsome!! He looks so much like you in these pictures!

daye said...

Yes, YES, He is SO handsome!