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Wednesday, June 30, 2010


A huge and quite terrifying storm moved through the valley last night and this morning, I woke to the sound of chain saws. The wind blew so hard that it uprooted trees and took roofs off homes. The power was out all night and just came back on. The fire department ran 10 calls last night. I'd taken meds for a migraine and could not help. I felt bad about that. The guys were out until 5 this morning.

I've been busy today though. We've had 4 calls already today. I ran 2 of them alone with Luken in my car.

Kara said that on her way to work today, there was a trampoline on the highway in one spot and a shed in the road in another spot.

There is debris everywhere.

My neighbour's house.

This house is on the corner of our block. They had a huge ponderosa pine fall across their van, truck, and onto their garage. They had just finished re-roofing their garage. The tree tangled in a power line which also landed on the garage. It started a fire which burned through the garage roof. Their pick up is ruined. Nobody was hurt.

This tree used to live in my next door neighbour's yard. The wind blew so hard that the tree was ripped out of the ground roots and all.

This house acted as cushion for 2 huge ponderosa pines. What a mess!

The wind blew so hard that Tom's flag pole couldn't take it. The flag is shredded and the pole is bent low.

We are expecting another huge storm tonight. It's quiet now. I'm going to try to get some sleep so I'll be ready to work come evening and the next wind.



Khourt said...

My goodness!!!! I love a good rain and all but WOW!!! I hate (and am scared of) big storms. I hope nobody got hurt in all of it.

daye said...

Oh my God!!!

I have never known a storm in Missoula county area like that. WOW, but you slept through it? That's nice you weren't up scared or anything. Glad you are ok!

Heidi said...

Khourt, no, nobody was hurt in our district.

Daye, sleep through it? Ha ha ha! Nope, I was wide awake and dressed with headlamp and radio on my person. One tree fell across the entrance of my street and started the garage there on fire. I got on the radio to my guys and had them come check it out. It was quite an experience.