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Friday, June 4, 2010


I am sick. I have a cold. No biggie except that I have somehow developed pleurisy. Pleurisy is inflammation of the tissue between the lungs and the chest wall. It is very painful although not a serious health issue. I've also become quite asthmatic which is scary. I get this terrible wheezing cough and can't stop. It makes me gag and cry because it hurts so much. I am miserable. All this coughing and pain has me completely exhausted. I can't do anything without having to stop and breathe. It's re-donk-eul-ous. Complete bullshit.

Luken is also sick. I'm pretty sure that his throat hurts. He keeps putting his hand to the outside of his throat. He has a fever I feel so bad for him. He spent most of the day hanging out in bed with me. My poor baby.

I hope we're both better very soon. We have company coming from Japan and there is a lot to do to prepare for their visit. Also, it would totally suck if we were sick when they are here.

Please send health vibes.


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