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Monday, September 19, 2011

Here We Go!

So, ya, Luken has been dx'd with Sensory Processing Disorder. We go to OT twice a week, PT once a week, preschool twice a week and see a psychologist once a week. Wow! I'm exhausted! It's a good reality check for me that when I asked for help, people said oh, shit, yes! I feel bad that I didn't put the pieces together sooner.

We're seeing a surge in tough behaviors now that we've started therapy. He has periods of time when he can't talk. He's a great talker most of the time. Lately, when he gets maxed out or frustrated, he growls and rocks back and forth. Sometimes he jumps and flaps his hands and bangs his head. If I didn't know better and I just saw him at a glance, I'd think he was autistic. It's kind of scary.

He's being evaluated for need of services through the school district (here it's the Bitterroot Valley Education Co-op.) We'll see where that goes.

Stress! And kind of tough realizing that my child struggles. Well, I knew this. It's just that I can't pretend anymore. There is a degree of grief that comes with this.

So, here we go. Headlong into this new phase of helping our child to grow up happy. May the Force be with us.

Here is the OT's write up.

"Luken was referred by his physician for an OT evaluation tue to significant motor activity and difficult behaviors. At the time of testing, Luken was 3 years 1 month in age."

"History provided by his mother included the following information. Luken has considerable difficulty with sleeping and sleep has been an issue since infancy. He is not a picky eater, rather, the opposite. He will attempt to ingest anything, including paper, carpet, dirt, worms, and feces, unless he is supervised. [I supervise Luken quite closely. If I so much as walk away to take a piss, he becomes a danger to himself.] Luken is not yet toilet trained. His mother reports that he is moving and bouncing almost continuously. He throws toys and will hurt animals with no apparent awareness of the consequences of his behavior."

"The SENSORY PROFILE/INFANT TODDLER questionnaire was completed by Luken's mother. The results indicate that Luken demonstrates some significant concerns with sensory processing. The scores/results are as follows:
LOW REGISTRATION: DEFINITE DIFFERENCE (registration refers to awareness/the point in the integration process when he becomes aware of the stim) With Low threshold the nervous system responds frequently to stimuli because it does not take very much to activate the system.
AUDITORY PROCESSING: DEFINITE DIFFERENCE [as compared to typical children his age]
TACTILE PROCESSING: DEFINITE DIFFERENCE [as compared to typical children his age]
ORAL PROCESSING: DEFINITE DIFFERENCE [as compared to typical children his age]
"Some examples of these difficulties include avoiding contact with rough or cold surfaces, enjoys excess physical activity, finds ways to make noise, easily distracted, needs touch to gain attention."

"Evaluation/observations by therapist reinforced these difficulties reported by Luken's mom. Luken presented with increased motor activity, including running, jumping and climbing. Although he was able to successfully run and jump, control and motor planning were poor. He required objects including the wall or floor to assist him in stopping. [Ok, this one makes me laugh. It's him to a tee! The only way he stops is if he comes into hard contact with a wall, the floor or other heavy object.] Luken successfully could jump clearing both feet from the floor, but was unable to use the jumping or running skills combined with a purposeful activity. Imitation of various skills was occasionally completed successfully, however, Luken was unable to turn take at all. Eye contact was sporadic. Sensory seeking behavior was continuous throughout the evaluation, not only with the running/jumping movements, but loud noise making, crashing/bumping, as well as attempts to mouth various objects. Avoidance was present with many of the fine motor tasks presented."

"Luken responded positively to calming interventions including heavy work/weight bearing through the upper extremities, as well as deep pressure/tactile stimulation to his body and extremities."

"Luken demonstrated good verbal skills and indicated understanding of the directions or requests presented although he was not necessarily able to successfully follow them."

"In summary, evaluation results indicate some significant difficulties with Luken's sensory processing, resulting in decreased success and delays with functional skills including play and self care, as well as an increase in negative dysfunctional behaviors."

So, there ya go. My kid evaluated. Be open, Heidi.


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montanasnowbaby said...

This stuff is heavy. I can't pretend to be able to imagine the feelings / thoughts / emotions you and Kara must be going through. But I will say I am so happy you have some answers and that you are getting help!!! I hope that gives you some relief from the unknown and the stress. Hang in there, friend. You are a good mom!!