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Tuesday, September 20, 2011


I got up at 630 this morning and have pretty much been running balls to the wall since. I'm tired!
Luken went to preschool this morning so I had a chance to work on the bills. Oh, the bills . . . They are many. It is scary.

Harvested in the garden. Got tons of cukes! So yummy!

Began painting the front door. It's gonna be green. For 7 and a half years now, I've lived behind a plain white front door. Boring! It's time to fit that. I chose a nice deep green and started in on that project. It's always harder and takes longer than it seems it will. This I know.

Went to chiropractor today. My neck is finally beginning to feel better. I am so glad!

Tomorrow Luken has his PT eval. Hmmmm. . .

Time for bed.


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