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Monday, September 12, 2011

More on Luken

People have been asking me about what it means to have a sensory processing disorder. I have lots of questions about it myself plus the emotions that come along with having a complicated kid. It's hard to think about and even harder to explain. I'll try.

Luken's brain is set up in a way that doesn't let him process all the sensory input that his life gives him. He has great gross and fine motor skills but absolutely no impulse control. He is constantly moving, trying to fill his sensory needs but is also constantly over-stimulated. His brain doesn't know how to let his body relax so he is continuously having body/brain conflicts.

Without one on one attention, he is a danger to himself or others. He will eat anything, whether it's food or not. He won't think twice about biting or hitting or otherwise hurting pets or others. He's very sweet when he can focus but the rest of the time, he is out of control. He has skills but can't control his use of them.

His first OT appointment was today. I learned a lot. Next week, our OT wants to take him to "the Barn" to do some work on a horse. He's excited about this.

It is tough. I hope our work with the OT and a psychologist will help. Something has to help.


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