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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Today's signs and other stuff

I learned the signs for these words today.

New - with a cupped hand, scoop at the other flat hand.

Day - with one forearm flat in front of you, the other pointer finger traces the sun as it passes across the sky.

Outside - starting with an open C hand at eye level, close it, open it and close it again while moving it away from your face.

Wind - both open flat hands, thumbs up in front of you wave parallel as if in the wind.

Rain - both open 5 hands flick downwards from above your head to below your face.

Snow - like the "rain" sign except that fingers are wiggling

Sun - with a pointer finger, trace a circle above you then open that hand as the suns rays toward your face.

Luken and I visited 2 day care centers and 2 preschools today. I liked things about both of the preschools.

The first one seemed kind of cold. The kids there weren't interacting a whole lot. The biggest plus for me for this one is that Luken's main teacher would be a man. He would be placed in the 4/5 classroom because it's larger and more structured and has 2 teachers. The director thought he'd do better in there given his challenges than he'd do in the 2/3 room which seemed quite chaotic and small. Two mornings a week, Tues and Thurs from 8 until noon would be 150.00 a month. This preschool is 25 miles from our house.

The second preschool is in a church and run by that church. It's fairly mainstream Christian. The kids here were happy and engaged. The teachers, all female were also happy and involved. The children begin the day with learning a Bible verse and pledging allegence to both the American flag and the Christian flag and a prayer. Not sure how I feel about this part. Here, he would be in the 2/3 classroom until he is potty trained. Two mornings a week, Tues and Thurs from 830 until 11 is 80 bucks a month. This site is 30 miles from home.

The first daycare I saw takes drop ins. It's 7 miles from home. Run by a mother/daughter duo. The daughter teaches a loose preschool in the mornings. There are mostly little boys here and this daycare comes with high ratings from several teachers at the Stevi school as they send their own kids there. The kids here seemed happy and engaged. Most were younger than Luken though with 3 of the kids turning 2 this week. This site charges by the hour. So, two and a half hours twice a week comes to 96 dollars a month.

I really wasn't impressed by the second daycare so I'm not gonna say much about it.

Seems like Kara and I have some thinking to do, eh?


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