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Tuesday, February 12, 2013

In fairness

Coupla weeks ago, I posted about a local church that had "America needs Jesus" on it's reader board.  

About a week after that post, I saw that they'd changed the sign to read "Boycott Violence".  Now, that's a message I can agree with without having to re-define or change it.  I didn't get a chance to take a picture of the new words or I'd share them.  The sign has since changed again so I missed my chance.  

I'm about half tempted to walk in and start a conversation with the pastor there.  I don't need to fight.  And I have the closest thing to a church home as I ever have.  I'm not looking for a new church.  My motivation behind starting a conversation is just that - for the conversation.  Maybe they have something I need to learn.  I keep noticing and thinking about what that church puts on their reader board.  Perhaps it's time to stop noticing and start asking.  Isn't that how we grow?  By asking questions?  By encouraging thought?

I'm pretty sure that the theology presented at this church isn't theology that I'd be comfortable with.  But that's okay.  I'm pretty sure they'd not be exactly comfortable with an intelligent lesbian asking questions so we're even.  

To me, this opportunity for conversation feels important.  It feels like a path to respect perhaps.  I'm very often quick to poke fun at churches.  I generally don't trust them.  

Last sunday at "my" church, the sermon was a challenge.  It was a challenge to

  • Think!  Think about who Jesus is to you.  And what that means to your life. 
  • Speak!  Talk to someone about your ponderings.  In the Bible, Jesus asks, "Who do you say I am?"
  • Listen!  Keep an open ear (and mind) to Jesus in scripture, in creation, in others.  
I so easily jump to conclusions and make less than flattering assumptions about churches.  This is a good challenge for me to take on right now.  In the next coupla weeks, I'll approach the pastor at what I've been calling the "sign church".  I'll be open and polite and ask for the conversation.  Sometimes learning involves risk.  And that's okay. 


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