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Friday, February 22, 2013

More Spirit Song

Last night, I had the privilege of being up late.  The sky was beautiful.  It was crisp and cold outside.  Bright stars shown through the patches of space between the clouds.  Beyond the relative din of the fire department incident I was on, I could clearly hear the Sky's Spirit Song.  It said to me, "Look up.  Plant your feet on the earth.  And look up."  So I did.  And I do today.

That started me thinking about other Spirit Songs that I hear.  I think I hear the Spirit Song of cows.  I spend a long time watching cows during the spring.  I watch 2 particular herds of cattle near my home.  I can sense when they're ready to calve.  If I think about it too hard or try to hear it, I miss it.   It's kind of like trying to see something with your peripheral vision.  If you look straight at it, you can't see it.  If you just let it be near the edge of your awareness, it becomes clear.  Sometimes I will stop what I'm doing at my house or wherever I am and be aware that a particular cow is calving at that moment.  Then, next time I go to watch them, sure enough, that cow will have her baby.  I don't know how it works but it does.

Another Spirit Song I sometimes hear is that of the dying.  This can be unnerving for me.  My job, when I hear this Song is to remain present and fully grounded.

At times, I hear the Spirit Song of Loss or Sadness or Dispair sung through an individual.  It's usually not something the person wants to share with the world so my job is to listen and remain open.

One of the most fun Spirit Songs I sometimes here is the Song of a new person.  Before the mama knows she's pregnant.  I have to be careful with saying anything about this precious sweet Song.  Sometimes these "new" Songs don't stay.

Do you hear Spirit Songs?  If you do, don't be afraid to listen to them.  They can teach you.  All too often, in our Western society today, admitting that you hear or sense something that's not tangible is looked upon as "crazy", "psychotic", etc.  I do not believe it is.  I believe it's a gift.  Listen for it.



wildwomanjd said...

This is beautiful! I think it is a gift, too.

Heidi said...

Thank you, wildwo.