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Wednesday, February 27, 2013

What's in a name? Luci

My son's name is Luken Emery Kestrel.  Had he been a girl, his name would have been Luci Roisin Kestrel.  

His last name, Kestrel, is the same as my last name and the same as Kara's last name.  Shortly after we were married (not recognized by the state we live in), Kara and I went to court and petitioned to have our names changed.  We wanted to have the same last name as each other like many married couples.  We chose our name.  Kestrel.  We each kept our maiden names so both of us have four names in our legal name.  Anyway . . . 

When, during pregnancy, we began thinking of what to name our child, we knew he'd have our last name.  That was comforting.  No going to court over that.  Simple.  And, for me, it was important for my child to have a "Lucy" name.  There's a reason. 

I know somebody named Luci.  She is one of the most amazing people I know.  She saved my life.  Luci has for years struggled with her existence.  She's seen things people should never have to see.  She knows things that people should never be forced to know.  Yet she persists.  And, not only does Luci persist, she does it with such beauty and courage.  Luci has not had much Light in her life, yet her name means "light".  When my son was born, I wanted to honor Luci by naming my child after her.  So I named my son Luken, which means "bringer of Light".  

Luken is such an appropriate name for my boy.  He indeed brings much Light to my life.  And, every time I consider his name, I get to think of my dear friend Luci.  Luci, who's Light shines through her many scars.  Luci, who dares to find the Light in those whom the world has trampled.  Luci, who opened the door to redemption for me.  Luci, who continues to struggle daily with the things Life has handed her.  

Dear Luci, may your Light shine long.  May you learn to embrace it.  May you learn to let the Light comfort and heal you.  And Luken, may you continue to bring Light.  

Luci and Luken.  Two of the most amazing people I know.  My son.  And my friend.  I love you both more than I have words to say.  I hope that the Light is kind to both of you.  Precious souls. 


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wildwomanjd said...

I understand this, Heidi. I love you.