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Friday, May 3, 2013

Spring rain

Today was cooler.  And breezy.  With sweet little intermittent rain showers.  The buds are getting big on our lilacs and the cherry bush next to our front steps is covered with pale pink blossoms.  It's pretty.  And covered with fat slow bumble bees.  And mean fast yellow jackets that will sting you just because they can.

It's Friday and I like that.  It's a relief to have made it through a hard week to Friday.  And then the weekend.  Whew!

Took Luken in to get updated on his imz today.  Somehow we got a little bit behind.  He got one shot today and he did very well!  He was brave.  The longer we had to wait for the nurse, the more nervous he got.  By the time they came in, he was kinda freaked out.  I think that the worse part for him was when they cleaned off his let with a cotton swab.  He was disappointed that there wasn't any blood.  He got a bling bandade.  My kid rocks!

Now, this afternoon, we're going to town for errands.  All of us.  Wish us luck.  I have a headache (duh) and kiddo gets overwhelmed by stores.  I like to think of it as an adventure.  Right?  Sure!  We're going on a family adventure.  To buy staples like cat sand, chicken, veggies. . .

Y'all have a good weekend.


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