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Sunday, May 19, 2013


Spring is supposed to be wet, right?  Yes. 

But not in the basement!  

The pressure thank that supplies our faucets with water has worn out.  And the constant flux in pressure has caused a leak in the flexi-pipe connecting the pressure tank to the main pipe that feeds the faucets.  I knew there was a tiny leak.  I went to check it today and found water all over the floor about 3 feet into the room from the corner closet that houses the pressure tank.  Not good.  It's in our library.  

We shut everything off and our neighbor helped us figure out how to drain the tank so it stopped dumping water onto the floor (which is carpet).  Thanks, Kevin!  

Now we wait for the plumber.  He said he'd be here tomorrow.  

Damn, this is NOT what we needed to be spending money on right now.  I'm frustrated.  

But I'll get over it. 


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