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Thursday, February 4, 2010

Mind Numbing

Luken is still sick and I'm still home. I feel my brain dying. I'm not sure what day we're on. It gets light and it gets dark and it gets light. Luken sleeps and I check on him often. He wakes and I change his diaper, encourage him to drink, take his temperature, give him medicine, rock, rock, rock him. Remember to eat sometimes and maybe even take time to pee. Wash his bedding again and again. Bathe him gently to get the poop off. Rock, rock, rock. Cuddle, give him a bottle, let him sleep in my lap because if I put him down, he will wake up- and cry. Keep it dark in his room because he acts like the light hurts him. Rock, rock, rock. Massage his sore body, give him fluids and keep rocking.

It's all running together. The lines between days are blurred. I feel my mind going numb.

I really hope Luken is better soon.



mama-san said...

I know that you are suffering but you have some things to be thankful for that I can only dream of. A kid who drinks from the bottle and a lazy boy. Can you imagine Luken being sick without those???

daye said...

Oh so so so sorry Heidi!
Hopefully Luken is getting better day by day? So who is going to take care of Heidi and Kara? You probably could use being rocked to sleep at this point huh?