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Thursday, February 11, 2010

Momentious Day

Today felt like a momentous day.

For the first time, I left Luken with his grandma while I did some baby-free errands. Bonnie and Luken got on famously! No crying or anything.

After lots of thought, I wrote and delivered a proposal to the hospital south of here. I want to be their first Child Passenger Safety Specialist.

Even though I was tired, I worked out! I did my lower body and abs. I rock!

At firefighter's association meeting tonight, I volunteered to take firefighter portraits. And I put my name in the hat to travel to Orlando within the next month for specialized training.

And I asked Bonnie to run for the Fire District Board. I even got her her first signature.



K said...

Progress, real progress, and it doesn't/isn't/didn't come cheap, hard work, but you're truly doing different things :) Amazed at your guts.

montanasnowbaby said...

WOW!!!!! That was QUITE a day! Proud of you. Keep us posted on the Orlando thing and the portraits. Sounds interesting. Oh, and the hospital safety specialist thing. Of course, I am so far behind on your blogs that all of this might already have answers and I just don't know.