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Sunday, April 28, 2013

So, the headaches . . .

I'm starting a new diet to try to help my body heal from years and years of migraines and pharmaceuticals to try and fix the migraines.  Today is day 2.  And it sucks.  The diet allows absolutely no sugar.  No caffeine.  No grains.  Nothing processed.  Period.

The caffeine withdrawal sucks!  I had a migraine to start with.  And not giving my body the caffeine it's so accustomed to makes the headache so much worse.  Nothing helps the headache.  I can't even see straight.  Not seeing double, I'm seeing tripple.  I don't even know how that's possible.

Oh!  And the sugar withdrawal.  Brutal!  If you think that I'm nuts in saying that sugar withdrawal is brutal, you try it.  I'm serious.  Give it a go.  And lemme know how you feel 2 days in.

I hope this helps.  Because right now it completely sucks butt.

I know that it's not a good idea to self-diagnose.  But when you're as desperate as I am for something that helps, you're gonna look around at other possible causes and solutions.  One of the things I've found recently is lots of new info on Chiari Malformation.  The criteria for dx is that the brain be protruding at least 5mm from where it should be.  More recent studies suggest that this 5mm criteria is random and that any protrusion, if it causes symptoms, warrants treatment.  So I'm in the process of tracking down my latest MRI.  I will send it to another doc for a second opinion.

Hope you are all enjoying your weekend.  It's blustery and windy here.



LifeAsAConvert said...

Losh has a Chiari Malformation (type II). When I was researching it I realized that it was a heck of a lot more common than somebody might think. It usually goes undiagnosed tho. I hope that you can figure out the root of your problems and get them healed. And I cant imagine withdrawals from all of those things at once!

wildwomanjd said...

Fiddler, Wow! That is a lot of withdrawal to do at once! The good thing is that it will be over with sooner. Did you get my email about the Paleo Challenge and menus? I'm very willing to help with that. I believe this will help - even if there is a Chiari element.