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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Train Wreck

It feels like my life is a train wreck.

The stress at my house seems out of control.  

My dear old cat, Anika, is ill.  I took her to the emergency vet yesterday because she was so obviously in pain.  She has a urinary tract infection and probably a tumor in her bladder.  We're treating her for the infection and providing comfort cares (pain meds and fluids).  I don't want her to hurt.  Once we got the pain under control, she seems happy and content.  She knows that she's free to leave, no strings attached, whenever she's ready.  She's a cat.  Cats are pretty good at death. 

I'm broke.  Not broken, quite, but out of money.  Quite.  I got my entire month's worth of funds on Friday.  It's not even Monday yet and the money is already gone.  I paid our household's monthly bills, bought a few groceries, put gas in my car, and took the cat to the vet.  Done.  Until mid May.  This sucks!  

My house is a mess.  I can't get on top of it.  I try to narrow my focus to one small area or task.  It doesn't help.  I'm stuck in overwhelm and it's getting me nowhere. 

I've had a migraine since Monday.  Yup, you read that right.  I've had this headache for a week now.  Friday night, Saturday and Saturday night were particularly bad.  Today has been a struggle but it's not been as bad as yesterday was.  I'm STILL waiting on the results of the food allergy test.  I feel like I'm out of options.  All my doctors can do now is toss drugs at the pain.  That helps, some. But only for a coupla hours.  This is NOT what I signed up for!

It's spring!  I should be happy.  I'm not.  I'm tired and crabby and I hurt.  My family is stressed.  Nothing seems to be going right.  I need a break.  Yup, it feels like a train wreck. 


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Brenda Satrum said...

Well said. Nice pic! I love you. I'm glad you keep breathing. I'd help you clean and make you tea some time.