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Tuesday, May 28, 2013


It started raining last night.  It rained much of the night.  It's raining off and on this morning.  And I love it.  It brings calm to my heart.  It reminds me to stop whatever it is I'm rushing to do and take some deep breaths.

Today I will do my best to remain calm and peaceful.  I will strive to gently guide my child through his day, reaching always toward positives and success for him.  I will wrap myself around his small body and lead him toward the quiet places I know he must have within him.  It's hard to remember that sometimes.

Right now, at this moment, I'm sitting on my bed writing this and Luken is in the bathtub.  I hear a constant stream of his verbal froth in the high squeaky voice he uses when he's stimming.  He's playing with monster trucks in the bath.  "Ac-tek, ac-tek, ac-tek, wooo, woo, wooo, wooo."  Over and over again.  He's found a groove that works for him.

I am coming to learn that grooves that work for Luken look strange to many folks.  I used to be more concerned about it than I am now.  When he finds a comfortable space for his body and brain, I try to be grateful for it, not to change it into something that might seem more socially acceptable.  It's a learning process.

I love my son.  We're going to have a great day together.  I just know we are.


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wildwomanjd said...

You're a very good Mommy, Heidi. Not perfect - no one can expect perfection. I affirm the good Mommy that you are.