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Thursday, August 20, 2009

A Day In the Life . . .

. . . of Luken

When I wake up today, Mom comes in to get me up! I like this. Mom is usually at work when I wake up.

It takes both of my parents to change my diaper. I was so excited that I wiggled and wiggled. When they were finished, I checked out my side of the yard.

After a diaper change, Mom says goodbye and I get a boob!

Then I roll around on Mommy's lap and play while she checks her email.

And I get breakfast! Half a peach and some bread with peanut butter and milk. I make a mess of my breakfast to show how much I like it.

Because Mommy says that the peach and peanut butter in my hair are too sticky to wipe out, I get a bath! Yay!

After I'm all nice and clean, Mommy takes me out of the bath. I don't like this. She puts a nice dry diaper on me and gets me dressed. Honestly, I don't see what all the fuss about wearing clothes and diapers is. I'd much rather just not wear anything.

Jumping time! I like this a lot. While I jump, Mommy does whatever it is that mommies do (eats her own breakfast, talks on the phone, takes care of the dishes, puts diapers in to wash . . .)

When I'm tired of jumping, Mommy and I try to clean my room. Mostly this means that Mommy chases me when I crawl away from her. I don't know why she tries to put my toys and clothes away. I'm just going to pull them all out again and throw them all about.

The whole room cleaning thing doesn't last very long. I'm tired and it's time for me to have a nap. Mommy thinks that my mouth hurts because of the new tooth I got yesterday and the 3 more that will pop through any day now. She gives me some tylenol and it helps me feel better. Soon I'm fast asleep.

When I wake up, Mommy discovers that I've had a total diaper failure. Hey, when you gotta go, you gotta go! Mommy cleans me all up nice and puts a nice clean diaper on me.

After the boob, I get to play in the living room with my toys. Mommy is taking care of Auntie's dogs. I discover that it's lots of fun to chase the puggie. He doesn't seem to mind. I also practice going up and down and up and down the slide.

Then it's time for a cuddle and a boob again. Boy, do I like boobs!

All of this floor time activity makes Mommy realize that the floor is covered in dog hair. So she puts me in a sling and I help her vacuum. I think the vacuum is kinda loud and I don't really like it. I'm glad that she holds me close.

When we're finished vacuuming, I help Mommy clean the kitchen. I'm very patient and we talk about the water, the sink, the dishes, the dogs, and lots of other things.

When the kitchen is clean, Mommy feeds me lunch. I like the tomatoes the best. Kidney beans are for the dogs though.

While I was playing, er, eating my lunch, Mommy swept the floor. Whilst she swept, she sang a sweeping song to the tune of Beethoven's 5th symphony. I thought she was silly. I think she's kinda crazy. She feels compelled to show you the pile of dirt that she got after just one day.

After lunch I am fussy and Mommy says that I'm tired. I don't feel tired. She puts me down for a nap anyway. Oh, well.

I rest for awhile and then I sing songs to myself while Mommy does whatever it is that mommies do. When she comes in to get me, I discover that my best friend is here! We play outside in the water. It's so much fun!

Then Mommy has to go to an appointment. She leaves me here with my friend's mommy. After a few minutes, Mom comes home! We hang out and play and the grown ups talk about us. Mommy comes home just as it's time for my friend to go home. I start fussing because I'm hot and hungry. Mom cools me by sprinkling cool water on me. That helps me feel better and I help Mommy fold diapers.

When all the diapers have been folded, it's time to get dinner.

After dinner, I take a bath with Mom. I like to splash and splash!

When I'm finished with my bath, Mom gets me dressed for bed and reads to me. I like sitting on her lap and listening to the stories. We point to the pictures and she teaches me the words for things.

My day is nearly over. All I need is a boob from Mommy, (she's laughing at me here because I keep trying to put my leg over her shoulder.)

A bit of a bottle to top me off,

And a nice soft bed.

Good night all.


Anonymous said...

this was an absolute good to see your family! xo meghan

Anonymous said...

wow thank you for that. it made my week.

Deidre said...

OH heidi!!! he is so beautiful, and I loved seeing all the pictures! thanks for sharing!

Laurie said...

Love it!! Great pictures - I cant believe how big Luken is getting! : )

Anonymous said...

Wow! That was an awesome post, and such great pics, too. I hope you can save that for him somehow. These are precious days.
Mom (yours)