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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Virgin post

This is my first blog post.

Where to start? I'm sitting in bed next to my sweet with two of my three cats climbing on me. It's a nice morning and quiet at the moment because Luken is sleeping.

Today holds so much potential. I want to spend time outside. Maybe drive up around Elk Meadows. Maybe go to the refuge. Maybe a bike ride with Luken in the trailer. And there's NASCAR too! A good day!

Yesterday we went to the Creamery Picnic in Stevi. We ate ice cream and listened to music and visited with friends and walked all around. Luken discovered corn on the cob! I'll post a picture when I get them offa the camera. It was so cute!

We watched the Firefighter Games. Florence came in 2nd on the obstacle course! I'm pretty proud of our 'guys'. I use the term "guys" loosely because some of us are gals. Anyway . . .


Lisa said...

Welcome to the blogosphere! Love the photo in your header . . . gorgeous!

Laurie said...

Looking forward to following your blog, Heidi! : )

Katrina said...

I have to agree, that is a gorgeous pic, and I absolutely love the subject matter!

Anonymous said...

That is such a good picture! This is Ann by the way!

Leigh Anne said...

hey heidi! looking forward to reading your blog! and i, too, love the header!