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Saturday, August 15, 2009

Night Diapers?

We're beginning to have diaper issues. I use cloth for Luken during the day and paper at night. I never found a cloth combo that kept him dry enough to not be cold. Now, he's wetting through the disposable diapers too. Last night, I changed him TWICE at night and he was wet through (clothes, bedding) both times. We use a good quality disposable diaper already. I'm not sure that buying special nighttime diapers would solve the problem. Anybody have any suggestions?


Deidre said...

Brayden is super soaker at night. He would flood huggies supreme. We made the switch to Huggies overnight about a month ago, and I was amazed b/c I truly did not think that it would work. We have not had one wet night since.

Khourt said...

I use any diaper but I trifold an infant prefold and lay it inside. Its the only thing that works for my kiddos. Its generally soaked in the morning but the babies are dry.

~~Kristen~~ said...

We use sposies all the time, but I did notice that whenever Alexa started wetting through them at night it was time to move up a side. Good luck!

Kristen from PO

Mandy said...

I have the same issue with Hunter and awhile ago tried the Huggie overnights. And they work wonders. He never wakes up soaking wet in the morning or early morning. They work better than any other disposable for nightime.