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Friday, August 28, 2009

I've Been Dissed!

Today, Luken has been quite fussy. He either has a virus or is teething. He's had a low grade fever and some snot. Anyway, he's been clingy but whenever I've offered him the boob, he's turned away. What!?!? I've been thinking lots about weaning. I don't know what I thought weaning might look like. Is this what weaning looks like? Or is Luken just out of sorts? Usually, when he's out of sorts, all he wants is the boob. But today, nope. Hmmmm. . .

When I think that he might be weaning from the boob, I feel crushed. It's hard not to just break into tears and bawl my eyes out. Gees, is every new phase going to hurt like this?



Anonymous said...

Weaning looks different for every mom and every babe. You'll both know when it's time. I know some funky shit has been going around, the kids I work with have it and I do too. Don't worry mama. Amy

Anonymous said...

I remember the sense of loss I felt when I had to wean my last baby. It wasn't fair that I'd never again perform that special act of nourinshing a child from my own body. I'd never again feel that connection with my baby. I did cry, and my husband didn't understand - how could he? Keep in mind that Luken's refusal is not a rejection of you, personally. It's part of the process of becoming his own individual. You're getting your body back - or maybe not. Maybe he's treating boob like cheese - gag one day and can't get enough the next.

Your Mom