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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

My Day in Haiku

five a m alarm
sweet wife gets up, gets ready
off she goes to work

i find sleep again
until my child wakes me up
get up, make coffee

coffee hot, creamy
hits the spot ev'ry time, ahh
caffeine hits blood stream

feed dog, get son dressed
breakfast - any ideas?
fruit, cereal, milk

mind numbing disney
keeps child busy while i clean
mush brain or fruit flies?

take meds, feel like crap
fibro, migraine, pure bull shit!
time to work outside

fizz is a clown dog
he sleeps in the garden shade
while i pick green beans

son runs past, bad fumes!
change poopy diaper - again
mom needs more caffeine

only ten a m
flat out, energy all gone
think i'm in trouble

phone rings, i answer
toy with telemarketer
brings smile to my face

thinking about food
grocery list: bread, eggs, fruit
quick trip - buy lunch too

pinch finger, yell "fuck!"
bleeding, it will turn black, blue
quick, put ice on it

sky filling with clouds
eyes scan for smoke in mountains
the air seems heavy

finally, nap time
child protests, cries, screams, yells, kicks
calm, quiet - please come soon

appointment at three
third birthday well child check-up
smart boy growing up!

to the fair we go
horses to ride, food to eat
animals to see

long day! we did lots
dirty, tired, home we come
welcome warm shower

colors clouded sky
sunset kissed the mountains high
quiet settles in


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