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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Dark Chocolate Black Sea Salt Caramel Fail

Fail!  Dark chocolate black sea salt caramel bar.  Rec'd as a Christmas gift (with a LOT of other dark choc bars).  It's like the damn thing was taunting me.  Come on!  You can't resist me!  Yup, right.  I can't.  Pissed at myself and now have another migraine.  Heidi, do  you see the link between food and your body?  I've tried for years to sever that link but now knowing about the link is going to save my life.  I used to weigh 100 pounds (I'm 5 ft nearly 8).  I don't have the words to relay how much this f*cks with my head.  I'm so frustrated with myself right now!

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