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Sunday, December 29, 2013

please, someone, take that ice pick out of my skull. it hurts.

woke in the night with a terrible migraine. took migraine meds (lortab, phenergan, relpax, ativan) and crawled into a detox bath. bath felt good. i get this kind of headache when i go off coffee. but i'm not. i'm just very slowly cutting down. i did add kraut yesterday and wanted way more than i ate. i swear, i coulda eaten the entire jar, it was so good and crunchy and hit the spot just right. maybe it's too early to add kraut. maybe i have a migraine just because (don't need a reason). at any rate, whew. 

my goals for today:
go to store and buy more chicken bits for more broth
spend 10 minutes outside, whether i feel up to it or not. 
keep up with drinking broth
keep up with drinking water
take at least 1 detox bath
keep up on soft veggies in broth
keep up on yogurt
keep u p on coconut oil in yogurt
keep up on drizzle of oney in yogurt
keep up on frozen blueberries in yogurt. 
keep up on fclo and start budget envelope to buy more
keep up on pbx pill

i will give the kraut a break today and try it again tomorrow. 

i really want to add pumpkin but want to be careful and only do one new thing at a time so i know exactly what my body is reacting to. thoughtsh?

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