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Friday, December 27, 2013

Day 2 of GAPS

Day 2 of floundering around in GAPS. Yesterday sucked. Today I feel worse. One of the meds I take is cymbalta. When I miss a dose, my body feels like there's random jolts of electricity going through it whenever I move. I haven't missed a dose but I feel like that today. 

I took the meat and bones out of my broth. I couldn't bear seeing them in there every time I open the lid. I also added part of an onion, some green pepper, some mushroom and some celery. Maybe that will help the flavor.

Today I'll start taking a liver tonic I made over the summer. I'd forgotten completely about it until now. I hope that helps my body get rid of toxins by boosting my liver's function and help me feel better because honestly, I feel like I've been drug behind a train

I have a great little cheer leader. My son! He is being so, so sweet to me. He says things like, "Mommy, drink your broth really really fast if you don't like it. It's medicine for your body." Aren't I lucky to have him? I know, huh? Yah.

So, onward. Broth. Liver tonic. Probiotic. Yogurt. I'm determined. Please pray for me. Because this hurts. It feels right but it hurts. A lot.

Just to be clear, I will NOT be weaning any meds without both my MD and my DO's approval and help. Oh, and my Pharm guy too. For a Pharm guy, he's amazingly open and diverse and not attached to any particular big pharma way of thinking. He breaks it down chemically and hormonally and even draws it out on paper what the chemicals are (or aren't) doing. So, no, no meds changes just yet. And, surprisingly, my meds list now, long as it is, is shorter than it was a year ago. I used to qualify as having type 2 diabetes and take meds for that as well. I used to take even more antihistimines than I do now. And more stomach acid meds (3 total of those). I know how I got to where I am with meds. I've gradually increased over the period of 30 years (i'm 41 now). I understand that it will take time to safely wean off big pharma. I can be patient for that.

My wife is very supportive. It was she who first suggested GAPS for our son. I thought it was snake oil science. She also knows that she can't win. With my hx of eating disorders, she's learned not to even try to talk to me about food. It just ends up being a fight. That's one of the reasons this is so difficult for me. It's making me be honest about food. What I'm eating. What I'm not eating. What i'm hiding. What I'm purging, etc. It really does frack with my head.

Another "issue" is that I get paid to promote ViSalus. I have been on the Challenge and, though it made me sicker, I did lose weight and got more energy. I've gained all the weight back. I feel caught between earning a few extra dollars a month (enough for a tank of gas for my car) and backing out of Vi. I think they have something good for a segment of the population that's unwilling or unable to look at food closely as GAPS requires. I no longer use Vi (soy, fake sugars, whey) but I do still have clients on it and I use it as currency in my barter community. I feel like a hippocrit. No, I don't spell.


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