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Sunday, December 29, 2013

Day 4 and a bit better!

Day 4.  And I feel a little bit better!  I felt good enough to drive to town for necessary groceries.  Came home, started broth and made soup.  The soup is yummy.  Water, carrots, ginger and about a quart of frozen pumpkin from our freezer.  Cooked it all together, whizzed it with a stick blender and salted to taste.  Soft cooked veggies.  I hope it's GAPS legal because it's what I'm slurping before I crash.

This morning's migraine responded well to relpax and lortab.  It's gone.  I'm left with brain fog but for me, that's normal.  And plenty of tension in my neck and shoulders causing a tension headache.  Again, normal for me.

Anyway . . .  nap.


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