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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Ask the Fiddler

I'll take today to answer questions that readers have posed in their comments. I appreciate you reading my blog and look forward to your questions and comments.

About Sam
Sam is a greyhound that is staying with my family for a couple weeks. Her family moved out of the country for a year and her foster family is on vacation until mid September. In the mean time, Sam is here. Sam is a female. I do not know why she only has seven teeth left.

About the boob
Some days Luken wants lots of boob. Some days he hardly wants no nurse at all. I've become okay with that. I appreciate the insights from other mamas. I'm secure in knowing that I've given Luken this gift.

About night diapers
We've been changing Luken once during the night and usually, this is enough to keep him dry. Thanks for all the suggestions though.

About food
You shared some really yummy recipes with me. Thank you!

About cloth diapers.
I take the inserts out of the Smartipants before I put them in to wash. I have a front load washer and I don't think that the insert would agitate out. I really like the Whamies! They have a very wide size range. They're among the first diapers that I reach for because I can get such a good fit with them. I bought mine used and so far, they're holding up just fine. My sweet doesn't like them though because she doesn't like the hooks.

Speaking of diapers, I have 3 new diapers!
An orange Green & Comfy, a butter yellow Fuzzi Bunz, and a fun blue Happy Hineys pocket.

So, any questions? Anything you've been dying to ask me (because I know all you do is sit and ponder my life)?


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Starshine said...

I'm forwarding your pics of Luken to Kathy and Terry Sather because their daughter or their daughter's partner is having a baby in December. Both Kathy and Terry are super supportive and excited and welcome your pics in preparation for their own grandparenthood.
Kathy and Terry both drive all the way from Havre on Tuesday evenings once/month to come to our PFLAG meetings...a 100 miles each way! Plus kath is the state treasurer for PFLAG!!
So keep those pics coming...I enjoy them also.